Bill & Sue – Short Memory

I was searching the drawer I keep my gym stuff in for a pair of shorts for a morning run. I say run, I mean jog. When I say jog even that is optimistic these days. The last time I was out running an old lad using a walking frame signed the top of my head as he flew past me. I need to up my game, it is tough out there.

get out of the way snail

So, I am rummaging and rummaging and getting more and more frustrated as I can’t find any running shorts. “Sue where are my shorts?” ” The’re in your drawer” she shouts to me. I keep looking as Sue does the clothes washing and sometimes puts it by for me. I am now searching the next drawers as she walks in. Just as she does the ‘wife’ thing of starting to look for it where I have already looked I find them in a drawer with my boxers. ” When did I ever put running shorts in there” I said. True response from Sue, I swear, ” well you know me”…. I look quizzically….. ” I have no ‘short’ term memory.” With that she left the room laughing. Too quick for me and I have no response. Lost that one……

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