Bill & Sue – Get In First

When you find yourself in a position of vulnerability and open to a quick witted put down from the wifie burd then defend from the front. I was getting out of my garden work clothes and getting ready to head back out of the garden. At the point of most vulnerability, naked apart from my shorts around my ankles, I heard the wifie burd heading to the bedroom door. As the song lyric goes ‘nowhere to run, nowhere to hide’ I had only one option, take the path of self deprecating humour. As Sue entered the bedroom she started with ‘you were quick start getting ready’ and looking down started to open her mouth with her cutting quip. I took the cold bath plunge and interrupted her with ‘ I know you do not like Walnut Whips so I was trying to spare you the experience’. Thankfully she laughed and went back out. Did I win the Banter Game? I just called my penis tiny but avoided a possible much worse put down.

Reminds me of the joke… A man challenges his wife to tell him something that will make him both happy and sad at the same time. She replied that she loved his huge penis but that it was smaller than his brother’s…

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