She said it looks like 2 inches

This morning we were having a morning coffee in bed and checking hotels for an upcoming overnight away. Sue’s cousin and her husband are coming over to Spain from the UK. Sue had not properly seen her cousin since she was about 18 years of age. We decided we would drive down and given the distance it involves an overnight stay. Sue finds a lovely hotel on her phone and notices that the hotel is not far from some other friends and suggests that we could drop in on them on the way home. Great…

Sue was checking out the route on her phone app and making notes. As chief navigator Sue liked to plan to the last detail. “How far is it?” I asked. Moving her fingers over her phone screen and enlarging, “It is only two inches” she said. It took me a full 20 seconds to say anything. What, what, what.

“Please don’t shout that out, the bedroom window is open. “Love her to bits but we have many wtf moments……

Scottish measurements

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