Looking Good In Jeans

Once again Sue had me in stitches with this throw away line.

Bill n Sue

Like a lot of couples and most people at the start of the year we are committed to getting in shape and eating better. We had just finished a session and I was saying to Sue how well she was doing. Sue knows I don’t give false praise. I promised Sue I would never lie to her and I have kept that promise. I also said to her be careful what you ask. For example….. does my bum look big in this!

Does my bum look big in these?

I was saying how well she was doing, working hard and to focus on developing a daily/weekly habit. I went on to say that her fitness had greatly improved and that her resting heart rate must be lower. Sweating and out of breath she said to me “Oh that’s great, that makes it all worthwhile” and turning her backside to me said “cause my resting heart rate looks feckn terrific in these jeans.”

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