Tampons A Casualty Of War

True Story from BBC News – War in Ukraine causes shortage of sanitary products.

The ‘Rag War’. The war in Ukraine has caused a shortage of raw materials for Tampons. It will be a bloody war says PMT expert Dr Wotu Lookinat. According to adverts on sanitary products women all over the USA will no longer be able to roller skate, skydive or wear white jeans with confidence.

Sleepy Joe has blamed the Russians for this latest war on women and the New York Joker Post goes with the headline ‘ No Put in Due To Putin’.

No Put In Due To Putin

Roy Rogers from the ‘Right To Shoot Lobby’ says he expects more guns to be sold, mainly automatic weapons. While Karen a XXL user says there will be an explosion in sales of chocolate, white wine and the download of chic flicks. Personally I think this is a cock and bull story. Sorry, I mean a red rag to a bull story…..

Stay safe out there guys….

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