Who has a Friend like this?

Friends come in many forms but it is the random impulsive types that can really lift your day and make you smile. I remember a story from my younger brother on a mutual friend we grew up with. As happens in life adulthood comes along and you lose daily touch but the positive is the feeling you get when you meet up randomly.

My brother was waiting at our local train station for a train to Glasgow as part of his daily commute to work. Minutes later the larger than life gem of a guy that is Martin came strolling along the platform. When the recognised each other it was one of those warm long lost friend moments and one that Martin quickly took to another level.

“Forget work today. Let’s go for a drink, catch up, remember the good old days and just have a laugh.” Martin lived in the moment and often you got swept up in his infectious playful ways. A real Peter Pan.

They never went for that morning drink but they did meet up in one of our local bars and lost themselves for a while just enjoying the craic. We all need those random moments to take us out of life routines. We all need friends who make us laugh and make our day simply by being with them. Grab the moment, don’t pause and don’t over think. To good friends that help us live in the moment.

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