Is he dead?

Once again Sue had me shaking my head with this throw away line.

Bill n Sue

We were in bed late last night and I was just nodding off after a lovely but tiring day at the beach, I know, god love me. Sue was catching up on the BBC news and there was this story…. Manchester City legend Sergio Aguero says the new statue of him to mark the 10th anniversary of the club’s first Premier League title captures the “best moment of my life”. The statue, unveiled at the Etihad Stadium, celebrates Aguero’s goal in the fourth minute of injury time in the final game of the 2011-12 season….

I remember the day well but that is another story. As I lay almost in a deep sleep Sue read out from the story something along the lines that he (Aguero) was going to the unavailing of his statue.

Does my bum look big in these?

A short while later as Sue read on she said “I did not know Aguero was dead?” I turned to face her and gave her one of those looks like the picture above. “You just told me he was going to the unveiling of his own statue”. “But I thought you had to be dead to get a statue” she said. Good night Sue…

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