Driverless Car bails from Police

True Story- A Wheely strange story of police pulling over a driverless vehicle

From Sky News – A video which has gone viral shows a driverless car start to pull away after being stopped by police… After police pull over the car – for potentially not having its lights on, the video shows an officer walking up to the car door – appearing to be surprised to discover it has no driver – and then unsuccessfully attempting to open it. After failing, he begins to walk back to his car, but the autonomous Cruise vehicle – which is allowed to drive at night in the city – zooms off in what initially looks like a getaway attempt.

Even a driverless vehicle can work out it can out run the new police ‘toy’ cars. Rumour has it the cop spent 20 minutes looking all over for the driver and even tapped the boot shouting ‘hello, hello, hello.’ Police later charged the car with failing to stop when asked and for not wearing a seat belt.

Rumour has it the voice control kicked in when the police officer said Papers, the car responded scissors and sped off – Smart Car.

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