Chinese Man not ready for takeaway

True Story- Wrap your noodle around this… live at the morgue, absolutely riceless… an act of wonton neglect

From the BBC – an elderly patient from a Shanghai care home was believed to be dead and loaded into a hearse. On Sunday, online videos emerged showing two people who appear to be mortuary workers placing the body bag into a vehicle.The workers are later seen pulling the bag open, and one can be heard saying the patient is still alive.

I’m only sleeping

What the hell went on? Was he in a deep sleep or just thought I could do with a wee trip away from all these old foggies, not realising he was going to the morgue? Were the medical workers on drugs or just thought it was funny? Imagine if it was late at night and he just wailed as he lifted his hand out of the bag

They later asked him how he was and he said he was ok, it was a wok in the park.

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