3 D woman

From Fox News (and other sources – obviously) – “This is the first time that a female model has been built with this level of detail in its entirety, to represent the female — versus replacing specific areas of the male anatomy with female features,” the Elsevier release stated. The company said in the release that this model would help educators for the first time teach, visualize, and edit anatomy entirely from the female perspective using a realistic detailed 3-D model. On the down size scientists found that there was a specific food that lowered the sex drive of a woman – wedding cake. In a parallel study they found that married men live longer which is ironic as they are the ones that want to die the most.

Post Note – my wife just read this and pulled me in with this….just remember god made women beautiful so you would love them. I predictably replied then why did he make women so dumb? She replied…… “So we would love you.”

I’m only sleeping

I said to my wife this is brilliant but she just gave me one of those looks. Even with this scientific wonder you could still not find my clit with a torch and a wetsuit.

She then told me women are as naughty as men and send clit picks, I can’t find them and asked all my male friends and they can’t find them either.

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